Care2Reuse (C2R) is a social network that allows everyone to improve its environmental and social footprint.

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C2R leverages the importance of reuse, as the second most desirable waste management option (after waste prevention), it does not have any limitation of location, language and scale, as it is built, created and populated by its users, everywhere in the world. People post, connect with their local community, reuse things and build their own environmental and social profile inspiring others to do the same.

C2R is aimed at creating a social network which allows users to measure and improve their environmental and social footprint, by keeping track of a wide set of eco-friendly activities and driving other users to do so, creating a wide global environmental and social movement. As part of reaching the aim of C2R, “C2R Social Platform” is the intermediate step that will allow connecting people that want to get rid of reusable things for free with people that want to reuse them, thus preventing less preferable wasting options.

For the launch of C2R 1.0 we have prepared this video:


Local communities aimed at reusing old items are rapidly emerging around the world, making use of existing social networks (e.g. Facebook) or local organizations to gather and connect people. Unlike for other free-service communities where ad-hoc social networks have arisen (e.g. couch-surfing, bike-sharing), no social network for reusing objects have been developed yet. “C2R Social Platform” is aimed at creating the social network on which the communities of people who care to reuse for free can connect, expanding the user base to reach global critical mass.


Care2Reuse for Corporate Social Responsibility – ‘C2R for CSR’

Companies in Denmark find themselves often in the situation of getting rid of many of their furniture and office appliances / IT equipment because of upgrading, moving, renovation, and restyling, but few find useful ways to reuse those things. Some companies design ad hoc initiatives, but limited in impact and scale: in most cases, most of the volume of assets is at the end trashed, for landfill or recycling. From another perspective, many NGOs, social initiatives, public institutions and other social-good organizations are always striving to improve the quality of their furniture and assets, but face considerable costs that jeopardize their ability to produce social good.

In Denmark, Care2Reuse aims at creating a network of companies and organizations with social purposes to link them in an exclusive way, to allow companies to donate assets directly, improving not only their environmental impact, but also contributing to their CSR efforts.

‘C2R for CSR’ provides the platform to make seamless connection between the parties involved, screening social organizations and supporting the companies to join the network. C2R for CSR will promote an innovative side of industrial symbiosis, in which enterprises and organizations with social purpose link together their materials flows so that waste from one enterprise can become a resource for an organization with social purpose.


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Project period: May 2014 > ongoing

Status: Developing first version of the C2R Social Platform, looking for funding to continue the development

Target group: Everyone

Target area & country: Global

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