InnoAid would like to challenge you to use your academic knowledge and fields of interest in the facilitation, analysis, development and implementation of new solutions for the development world. We have a cross-disciplinary focus and are interested in combining insight from many different fields in order to create the holistic projects we value so highly.

There are two ways for you to make a difference in InnoAid:
  • You can join one of our project teams!
  • You can contribute to one of our 6 organisational units!


The projects are at the heart of InnoAid and we always have several projects running in parallel and at different stages. Joining a project team will mean that you engage with a specific challenge in a local setting. Read more about our PROJECTS and find out which projects are currently running.

To support the project teams InnoAid has build a series of strategic units, each one responsible for assisting the projects in a specific way. Joining the work of a unit will mean that you engage with many of the InnoAid projects from a specific angle. Read more about OUR ORGANISATION and how SIGN UP FOR AN INNOAID MEMBERSHIP.


Do you want to do it the InnoAid way? Then Take Action!

If you are interested or have a good idea then please do not hesitate to contact our People & HR unit at We are interested to hear from people wanting to contribute to our work as active members, but also university students interested in forming an academic partnership with InnoAid. You can read more about our STUDENT PROJECTS and maybe be inspired to formulate your own?

Also be sure to check out our FACEBOOK page for updates and sign-up for the next Intro Meeting, where you can come and hear more about InnoAid and the opportunities we can offer.

Are you representing an organisation or other institution interested in forming a partnership with InnoAid, then please find more information under WANT TO BECOME A PARTNER?.