InnoAid is driven by the activities and inputs from its members (Orange) and external partners (Grey) who all contributes to the success and growth of the organisation and the projects:

Collaboration with universities is a central focus of InnoAid. We work together with university students through strategic academic partnerships. We aim to involve students from many different universities and disciplines to create a strong and highly cross-disciplinary profile, and to make use of the newest academic knowledge in our development work. Read more about academic partnerships here: STUDENT PROJECTS.

Collaboration with project partners is key in ensuring local ownership of our projects. InnoAid is collaborating with local organisations, internationally based organisations and donors. Read more about our EXCISTING PARTNERS.



The organisational structure of InnoAid is build around the projects which are the core engine of the organisation. 6 Supporting units have been established to support the projects and to share effectively the knowledge that is created within the projects:

Operations within each of the 6 supporting units are undertaken with a specific strategy:

  • People & HR: To ensure that human resources facilitate the achievement of organizational goals
  • Knowledge Development: To ensure that InnoAid’s strategic know-how is developed and utilized
  • Treasury: To provide sound and efficient management of all organizational finances
  • Funding: To actively seek funding for the organisation and support projects in their pursuit of funding
  • Operations & Organisation: To make the organisation efficient and develop a practical framework that supports this
  • External Communication: To promote InnoAid and show the organisations’ commitment and professionalism