InnoAid aspires to be unique in the way we identify, develop and implement projects. In practical terms this means that we work with new challenges of development or view challenges from new perspectives and focus greatly on co-creating innovations rather than scaling existing solutions. Through the projects we gain experiences across countries, type of partnerships and traditional development sectors.

We build upon our project experience to inspire and develop new projects guided by the 6 InnoAid drivers:



  • Innovation: We want to address challenges with an open mindset to think development projects “out of the box” and into the local communities.
  • Co-creation: We want to learn from the locals as they are the true experts in their own lives.
  • Local Ownership: We want to build local motivation and anchoring to further the long-term success of the project.
  • Sustainability: We want to create endurable and responsible projects considering both environmental, economic and social aspects.
  • Cross-diciplinary: We want to combine professional competences to create holistic projects.
  • Academic Perspective: We want to draw upon state-of-the-art knowledge and methods and to push the boundaries on how to approach development projects in challenging settings.

The 6 drivers are translated into unique practical approaches, tools and activities in a given project, supported by the organisation’s units and guided by our strategic know-how.