The SMOKE project focuses on securing healthy kitchen environments for poor villagers living in the rural areas of Nepal.
Promoting SMOKE means building local awareness of health issues related to the kitchen (such as indoor air pollution and hygiene) as well as introducing the InnoAid-designed Sapana Stove!

Improved Cooking Stove  Product Development  Co-creation • Indoor Air Pollution  Sustainability

According to the WHO approximately 1,3 million people worldwide die each year from being exposed to the smoke from solid fuel used for cooking and heating inside traditional kitchen spaces. The majority of these being women who are providing for their families by cooking inside these smoke-filled kitchens twice a day while their children are playing and learning how to cook the family meals.

We have decided to take on this challenge, bringing attention to the problem and capacitate the women and children suffering because of this invisible but dangerous killer in the kitchen!

This project aims at moving beyond mere equipment and help achieve healthy rural kitchen environments through a participatory approach to ensure local anchoring and sustainability of the project; By developing kitchen management courses to raise awareness in the local communities about health issues and to help the local women change their cooking practices and improve their kitchen environments. Furthermore to support these new practices we are currently developing a new innovative improved cooking stove called Sapana Stove in close collaboration with the local Nepalese women and our partner organisations.

In this project InnoAid is taking an innovative holistic approach to tackling some of the serious issues that many poor Nepalese families are still struggling with in their own homes. By looking at the entire kitchen environment and the life that takes place in traditional low-income rural households rather than individual appliances, as is tradition, we aim for a far more locally anchored approach. Working together with local experts within indoor air pollution and kitchen management while bringing our academic skills within facilitation, user studies, and product development, the project forms a new platform for creating not only non-harmful, but actually healthy rural kitchen environments. Using a co-creation inspired approach InnoAid and the local partner is developing a new user-friendly improved cooking stove design in collaboration with the rural women and their families, thus helping to ensure local ownership of the new stove. Moving beyond this, creating a sustainable and long-term change in the local households, the project also works with capacity development – both within the individual families and for the local stove manufacturers – and awareness building to help motivate the change from within the local communities.


Project period: August 2008 > ongoing

Status: Final project formulation as well as on-site tests of the Sapana Stove

Target group:  Rural poor Nepalese families especially the women as they are the main users of the kitchen

Target area & country:  Lowlands and mid-hills of Nepal (specific districts to be identified in collaboration with local partner)


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