InnoAid is collaborating with university students through academic partnerships. We aim to involve students from many different universities and disciplines to create a strong and highly cross-diciplinary profile, and to make use of the newest academic knowledge in our development work.


We encourage students:

  • To gain interest in using their skills to address development challenges
  • To undertake local research, develop concepts, prototype, set up and validate pilot implementations
  • To reflect critically on InnoAid’s projects by using theories relevant for their academic path
  • To share experiences and results with the InnoAid organisation

We can offer:

  • Projects and challenges that are directly linked to our ongoing activities
  • Network and partners, both local and global
  • Tools and experience in user-centered design in developing countries
  • A platform to take the project further than just the idea
  • Co-supervision as well as feedback on approach and findings
  • Help to arrange local accommodation, translators etc. (self-financed)



If you are interested in exploring the possibilities to get involved in an InnoAid project during your education, please write our People & HR unit for further information.